10/16/12 – 2:00pm – About halfway through our tour and good to be back home for a few days with the loved ones! So far been having a blast with friends and can’t wait to get back out there. Check out the Tour Dates page for some updates to the shows. Thanks to everyone so far and hopefully we will see y’all soon!

09/04/12 – 10:10pm – Check out the new tour dates and if you don’t see us in your town shoot us an email or Facebook message! Gene will get with you about setting up a show hopefully before the end of the year. On an unrelated subject Sifl and Olly will have new episodes on YouTube!! That’s so crescent fresh. ROCK!

08/22/12 – 11:30pm – Hey everybody! I’m finally getting off my lazy ass and getting this site rolling. You can leave comments on the news page if you have any suggestions (I really suck at this stuff!) Lots of exciting things happening right now -¬†booking a couple tours, our first video launch party will be announced soon and we’re going to be sharing the stage with some amazing acts in the near future. Check out our tour and video sections. “Fickin Sick!!” as Johnny Crash would say.¬†If you see our tour coming close, but not to your city, then hit us up here or our email (FaceCrack works, too). We want to see y’all SHAKE YER HIPS!!!

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